rmarie ailroad dessinOne day, on the way back from a gig, we rode a long time with a young passenger who was drawing everything she was seeing. Looking at his works, we thought "she's very talented, we'd love to share her enthusiasm, let's keep in touch". The passenger was Marie Béney. She was 18 and was drawing since she could hold a pencil. She has been learning fine arts for 3 years in Nantes, Quimper and she keeps on learning graphism in Paris. On the side, she's been learning fiddle for 8 years and she now begins to play guitar.

« The project I worked on with the Hoboes and their designer, Jocelyn Lecocq has been my first professional job. I hope I'll be able to meet such a fine team soon.» Marie

Learn more about Marie's artwork on http://maudjow.tumblr.com/